From an augmented reality app designed to help us imagine a world where the SDGs have been achieved, to a 360° video highlighting the digital divide impacting students during COVID-19, the latest MY World 360° selection, screened at the SDG Action Zone, shares powerful perspectives and visions for a better world.


Since 2018, the MY World 360˚ creators are using immersive storytelling to shine a spotlight on the issues most relevant to them and their communities and to inspire action on the Sustainable Development Goals, a global call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity by 2030.

From climate action reporting to stories of local innovation and resilience, to date MY World 360º has compiled over 100 immersive stories from creators around the world and screened the official selection as part of United Nations events and activations around the world.



This 360º experience is about how only those who have an internet connection are able to attend remote schooling and advocates for the right to education for all students.

Created by: Ulises Dante Romano, Iván López, Marcos T.; Mentor: Andrés Díaz, Puerta 18, Buenos Aires, Argentina


A mini-series and AR app that visualizes the incredible data related to our abuse of the planet, putting a picture to the numbers.

Created by: Studio Birthplace – Malaysia, Singapore, Netherlands

No One Behind

In “Leave No One Behind,” music, voices, and visuals combine in a piece about what can be achieved beyond isolation and the pandemic, from the perspectives of young people, and with hope for the future.

Created by: Pupils of Junior Academy of Music, Queen’s University Belfast; music composition by Koichi Samuels; video by Dervla Hillan; production by Resist-AV studio, Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

World 2030

An augmented reality (AR) experience to help us visualize a world in which the SDGs have already been achieved.

Created by: Guilherme Novak, São Paulo, Brazil

of View

50% of Argentina’s population may lack adequate housing. Lack of View represents how society only sees what it wants and looks away from homelessness. The split screen in 360° combining two videos at the same time is a perfect technique for creating a new sense of meaning. Inequality can be reduced and poverty ended if people take action.

Created by Sol M., Gianfranco R., Gianluca B., Marcos T., Carlos R., Ivan L., and Guido Q. in collaboration with Brian Berengard at Puerta 18, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Moma'e jarã kõ jikuwaê’ã kõ
(The Owners We Can't See)

The Wajãpi are a native people who live in the forests of Amapá located in the northeast of the Amazon in Brazil. Moma’e jarã kõ jikuwaê’ã kõ (The owners we can’t see) is about the Wajãpi’s cosmovision. With great respect, the Wajãpi can see nature’s spirituality and understand their actions have a direct correlation with the metaphysical world. Nature is a complete life being, understood to be the true owner of every living being. There is no sustainable development without respect of the owners.

Created by Kauri Waiãpi, Motã Waiãpi, Kuripiri Waiãpi, Aikyry Waiãpi, Evilázio Ribas, and Rafael Romão in collaboration with Pedra Branca do Amapari and Recode, Amapá, Brazi

Aravani Art Project —
Empowering Women
and Trans Women
Through Art

Aravani Art Project is a trans-women and women artist collective that aims to revolutionize the idea of gender equality through street art. Through personal stories of trans-women once engaged in the sex-trade or begging who have now gained self-respect by engaging in art, the Collective aims to break stereotypes and inspire social change.

Created by Poornima Sukumar and Purushi, Aravani Art Project in collaboration with Sairam Sagiraju, UNESCO Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development (MGIEP), Delhi, India


Imagine the loneliness of simultaneously being surrounded by people in a bustling city and yet living alone. 9pm is a creative story about a very important issue of loneliness in Korea that everyone can relate to.

Created by: Komeil Soheili
Seoul, Korea

Mexico 360º:
In the eyes of the youth

This is a series of short individual stories from the streets of Mexico capturing how the Sustainable Development Goals are interwoven in our lives. Move along with four storytellers to learn how the SDGs apply on a personal level.

Created by Brenda Jasso, Juan Fernando Flores, Pablo Guillén, and Carlos Pastrana, Instituto Hebo, Mexico City, Mexico

Women Street

In Nicaragua, 9 out of 10 women claim to have been victims of some type of harassment. With the aim of establishing a culture of respect in public places, this virtual reality project shares the unpleasant and traumatic experience that women experience in the streets.

Created by Nestor Bonilla Somarriba, Panama City, Panama


Feel the impact of global warming in this immersive simulation, Polar Warning. In the face of melting glaciers, how will the individual survive? Experience the effect of our human imprint on the environment and feel the impact of our relationship with the world.

Created by Tanya Makker, Constantina Tsiara, and Lydia Kontozoglou, in collaboration with Luisa Caldas, XR Lab, CED, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, California, USA


Around the world, where you’re born determines your opportunity. Drive across Troost Avenue in Kansas City to visually experience the difference a mile can make in Troost Divide. Here, two sides of one street have vastly different racial and income demographics, showcasing different opportunities and lives for its residents

Created by Ian Gram, Cade Lawrence, and Tevan H., Blue Valley Center for Advanced Professional Studies, Overland Park, Kansas, USA


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